360 Auto brings touchless retail tech to dealers

Although the demand for contactless sales was already well established within the automotive industry before COVID-19 hit, the pandemic has accelerated the need for a solution as dealerships look to innovate in light of the pandemic.

A Louisiana-based Inc. company and subsidiary of 360ia, a Lafayette, LA based MarTech software company, 360 Auto has developed a new customer experience technology called 360CXM that’s aimed at dealers.

The tech provides automotive consumers a digital experience that “allows consumers to complete a car-buying transaction without ever entering a dealership,” Frankie Russo, founder and CEO of 360 Auto said in a recent press release. “Because many customers come armed with more information and are ready to buy when they arrive at the dealership website, it has changed that key interaction between salesperson and customer,” Russo adds.

The company says 360CXM allows any dealership to deliver a Tesla and Carvana-like experience while ensuring that dealership employees have a role in each step of the customer’s online experience. According to the company’s press release, 360CXM also focuses on “identifying, scoring and targeting in-market car buyers for marketing, equity mining, digital retailing and attribution purposes.”

With COVID-19 causing physical limitations on retailers and existing industry research (like the Cox Automotive 2019 Car Buyer Journey Study) showing car buyers want to spend less time in the dealership, this reality is forcing car dealerships to shift the way they conduct business.

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