Canadian AITHR Automotive Intelligence partners with J.D. Power’s ChromeData

AITHR Automotive Intelligence, a used car startup from Calgary, announced a new business relationship with J.D. Power’s ChromeData. The company will use ChromeData Certified Inventory  to seamlessly integrate their AITHRX  subprime software to any client’s dealer management system (DMS), regardless of brand. Their press release states that “This simple one-step approval allows the company to onboard any client in North America.”

“We’re thrilled to be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with a global leader in data analytics,” said Ted Lam, founder and CEO of AITHR Automotive Intelligence. “Our clients will get peace of mind knowing that when they use AITHRX software, they’re getting the most up-to-date inventory information from J.D. Power. It doesn’t get better than that for subprime auto sales.”

AITHRX software was developed to “help simplify the subprime sales process and conquer negative equity,” by pairing inventory to approvals in seconds. The partnership with J.D. Power will help AITHRX wind down its beta testing and ramp up its marketing efforts this fall.

“This relationship allows us to eliminate about six months of additional integration development,” explained Chris Avery, AITHR Automotive Intelligence Chief Operating Officer. “It’s going to slingshot us into the market ahead of schedule which is never a bad thing for a startup.”

Besides allowing AITHRX to be integrated with any DMS or dealer syndication tool, ChromeData Certified Inventory will ensure that customers are provided with service for inventory integration, up-to-date changes in their inventory as well as the industry leading VIN decoding tool. The ChromeData Certified Inventory integration will be available to all AITHRX customers starting September 15, 2022.

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