Author: Carina Ockedahl

Navigating transparency

January 3, 2018

Dealers continue to make strides in improving transparency. But is it fast enough to meet consumer expectations? The consumer demand for increased transparency is no longer about how dealers are responding to the issue, but rather where they are at …

Mastering leads

November 22, 2017

Digital lead management has evolved as its own discipline. Are dealers adapting to this new digital landscape? Digital leads are a critical component of dealership success, and some dealers are struggling to adapt their response to meet consumer expectations. The …

Millennial Misunderstandings

November 22, 2017

They will soon be buying and servicing more cars and will make up a big part of your future workforce. Are you ready? For some, the next generation of auto retail consumers appears unproductive, impatient and self-entitled. But what if …