Canadians’ kms driven rates surprisingly stable since 2020

One of the most important variables for the vehicle aftermarket is kilometres driven, having bearing on a wide range of aftermarket categories. Though there have been recent reports indicating that, in the latter six months of 2021, Canadians drove more than pre-2019 levels, research by DesRosiers Automotive Reports (DAC) suggests otherwise. Based on gas consumption data, Canadians were actually driving slightly less than they were pre-pandemic.

Even when taking into account the rise of electric vehicles, and increased fuel economy, DAC’s industry partners in the fuel industry noted a decline in fuel consumption in the last two quarters of 2021, a trend which has continued into the first quarter of 2022, according to preliminary data. However, the report noted that kilometres driven have been relatively stable over the last two years, and should not have a negative impact on fixed ops departments.

“Kilometres driven has shown remarkable resilience in Canada throughout the past two years,” said Andrew King, Managing Partner at DAC. “Recent gas price increases have undoubtedly impacted that dynamic, but the relative inelasticity of demand and continued use of vehicles means kilometres driven are unlikely to fall dramatically, and will provide support for the aftermarket in the coming months.”

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