Provincial sales numbers flounder across country: DesRosiers

Supply chain issues continue their stranglehold on the Canadian auto market this May, which is typically the strongest sales month of the year. The numbers have continued to drop since January, indicating that the supply has not rebounded.

“The volatility in provincial sales sprung back up in May with a very wide range of performances seen across Canada,” said Andrew King, Managing Partner at DAC “though this was not unexpected given the erratic comparable month of May 2021.”

In May 2022 new light vehicle sales were down 8.5% for Canada as a whole, though according to the report, “this is compared to May 2021, a weak sales month that saw some truly terrible provincial performances.”

Comparatively, the Prairies are doing marginally better than the rest of the country. “Compared to those year ago levels Manitoba, despite a below average year-to-date performance, showed an estimated 7.7% sales increase for the month,” says the report, “Nova Scotia was similar with a 2.4% increase for May, but a 17.6% YTD decline.” Alberta, the third largest province in terms of volume, noted fairly stable sales with a minor 0.8% increase.

More dramatically, Quebec experienced a 21.3% sales decrease for the month, right behind Newfoundland with its sharp 36.2% decrease over May of last year. Overall sales settled at an estimated 140,725 units, falling within a few hundred units of March and April, but well behind the over 202 thousand units sold in pre-pandemic May 2019.

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