Auto salesperson writes the book on selling cars

Automotive salespeople who focus on the process of doing a deal instead of just the product have a great chance for success, according to a newly-released book written by an individual with experience on the showroom floor.

Steven Pigozzo, who worked as a sales consultant for eight-plus years with B-K Motors and BMW Waterloo, released BUY OR DIE, A Salesperson’s Guide to the Daily Grind, three months ago to help salespeople better understand how to interact with customers. Pigozzo, who has been working as a consultant/coach since 2011 with Canadian dealerships on how to best utilize the ONE-EIGHTY software system that is fairly common in the industry, told Canadian auto dealer the key to selling cars is knowing the customer.

“It’s all about the process of sales, which is ultimately correspondence,” said Pigozzo. “A lot of it has to do with filling your time and making sure you are constantly busy and you’re not just waiting for someone to come in and say, ‘I’ll take it.’

“That’s not sales. That’s an order, and you’re not an order-taker, you are a salesperson. The process of Buy Or Die is saying it’s all about the first downs—you’ve got to get certain things done before you can even expect to get the touchdowns, let alone the championships.”

He writes in the book that no one in the business wants to talk about process because it’s the most unsexy conversation in sales.

“Ultimately you have to learn to be your own boss,” he writes. “This is your business. Be your own motivator and most of all be prepared. Have a process and follow it every day.”

Pigozzo writes that by asking some specific questions he outlines in the book, the salesperson will have a better understanding of customers and their needs.

“What’s their W5,” he writes. “Who is the car for and who’s paying for it? What are they using it for? When would they like to take delivery? Where will the vehicle reside? Why this particular vehicle? How would they like to pay for it?”

He writes that without knowing the W5 of the customer, the salesperson forfeits the power of a solution.

“If you simply sell your product, you will be marginally successful,” Pigozzo writes. “If, however, you choose to provide your customer with solutions, you’ll find the results will speak for themselves. Controlling the sales process has more to do with you organizing your presentation to your customer than your customer’s initial choice. Taking a broader search approach with every customer you meet ensures you that their choices are in line with their expectations.

“When done correctly, the sales process should make the customer feel that they have all the power and made all the decisions themselves – with your guidance of course.”

BUY OR DIE is available for purchase on Amazon.

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