Cyber-security giants team up to create solutions for OEMs

Cybersecurity is top of mind for OEMs, auto dealers as well as consumers lately. To tackle this important and complex issue, on Monday C2A Security, a leading provider of trusted mobility cybersecurity solutions, and Stefanini Group, a global technology company, released a statement about their collaboration to bring “a robust cybersecurity solution to the automotive industry”.

Farlei Kothe, Stefanini EMEA CEO, says: “Stefanini has a well-established history of collaborating with partners to create exceptionally innovative solutions that transform businesses. We’re proud that our work with C2A builds on this track record to provide a truly comprehensive cybersecurity offering for the automotive sector.”

The collaboration offers OEMs and their suppliers both Stefanini’s advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) services and C2A Security’s vehicle lifecycle cybersecurity solution, bridging the gap between product security and security monitoring.

Connecting Stefanini’s SOC solutions to C2A Security’s AutoSec “enables an advanced SOC playbook and empowers teams with full visibility and control over the vehicle automotive cybersecurity from concept to post production,” says Kothe.

Stefanini’s SOC services offer the automotive industry resources and specialized tools that  “assist with investigations, root cause analysis, complex threat hunting, and eradication of threats.”

“Our partnership provides an all-in-one package for OEMs and suppliers looking for advanced cybersecurity solutions that offer full lifecycle visibility, combining C2A’s security platform with Stefanini’s SOC solution,” says Roy Fridman, CEO of C2A Security. “As the industry moves forward to adapt to the new requirements of the ISO/SAE 21434 standard and UNECE WP.29 regulation it is more crucial than ever for the automotive industry to have a solution in place that will keep them in compliance and protect their vehicles from potential cyber attacks.”

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