U.S. new car transaction prices rise in July

The declining sales of cars and the growing popularity of SUVs continue to drive up average transaction prices, said Kelley Blue Book analyst Tim Fleming. Latest numbers from Kelley Blue Book show a 1.7 per cent year-over-year increase in new car prices in July.

That’s a slight decrease (0.3 per cent) from last month. The estimated average transaction price (ATP) for light vehicles in the U.S. in July was $34,721.

“Despite modest sales growth for SUVs in a down market, transaction prices in these segments are not particularly strong, with compact SUVs up just one per cent and miz-size SUVs flat,” said Fleming. “However, cars could fall to just 35 per cent of overall sales in July, and this shifting sales mix is certainly helping increase most manufacturers’ ATPs.”

While Fiat Chrysler’s ATPs rose nearly four per cent in July, General Motors’ ATPs were down two per cent. Find out how other manufacturers, brands and segments fared in July in the following charts.

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