Language Matters: make or break a sale

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Potential car buyers are radically different from each other when it comes to the sales language that will attract their attention, says new research released by CDK Global, with different consumers responding in opposite ways, depending on the words used.

The provider of technology and digital automotive retail marketing solutions discovered, for example, that the word “bigger” did not resonate with women, while Generation-X consumers do not like hearing about the great “design” of a given car, according to a news release. Most parents felt that both “tech” and “sound” were low priorities, responding negatively to reviews that contained these two words.

The words “luxury” and “power”, however, did resonate among several demographics.

“Our latest research examined the words that would eventually lead buyers of different demographics to leave a review website and head to a dealership site,” said Jason Kessler, lead data scientist at CDK Global, in the release.

“By making subtle changes to the language used on vehicle description pages, dealers can help customers easily identify cars that they both connect with and fit their lifestyle needs,” he explained.

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