Juice Americas launches portable EV charger in Canada

Juice Americas, an American subsidiary of Swiss-based Juice Technology AG, announced the availability of its portable two-in-one electric vehicle charger in Canada.

Known as J+ BOOSTER 2, the level-2 portable charging station is being made available from two distributors in Canada and qualifies for the $600 home charging station rebate in Québec.

“Canada is actively working to motivate consumers to adopt EVs so that they may grow EV sales to a 40 per cent market share by 2030, based on data from PwC,” said Christoph Erni, Founder of Juice Americas and Juice Technology, in a statement. “Charging convenience and availability is a key contributor to meeting this goal.”

Erni considers the charger to be an ideal portable option for Canadian consumers that own or want to buy an EV, as it supports an EV owner’s need to “easily charge on the road and at home with one resilient charging device.”

The charger includes a wall bracket for home use and an on-the-road carrying case. It comes available as a 21-foot and 25-foot length option, and includes NEMA 14-50 and 5-15 wall socket adapters. Other adapters for NEMA 5-20, NEMA 6-15 and NEMA TT-30 outlets are also available.

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