EV & Charging Expo coming to Toronto May 17

Canada’s first EV & Charging Expo is coming to Toronto, Ont. according to Electric Autonomy Canada.

The company said the May 17-18 event, which will take place at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, aims to help the business community make more informed decisions when adopting commercial electric vehicles and installing the infrastructure to charge them.

“We’re on the brink of an EV revolution that will impact industries across the board — from the way buildings are designed to how fleets are operated and managed,” said Nino Di Cara, President of Electric Autonomy, the media company organizing the Expo.

The event could prove interesting for automotive retailers, from learning more about adding charging stations on their lot to understanding the impact of building design in relation to zero-emission vehicles.

“Fleet operators and building owners need to be aware of the risks of moving too slowly, whether that’s losing a logistics contract to a competitor with a zero-emission fleet or declining property values where a condo can’t provide EV charging in its parking stalls,” said Di Cara.

She added that there are also opportunities to consider, such as new revenue streams for commercial property owners (think charging and generating valuable carbon credits) — and then reduced operating costs.

The event will include more than 60 speakers and features exhibitors and sponsors such as Ford Pro, BYD, FLO, ChargePoint, Uber, SWTCH, Signature Electric, 7Gen, Foss National Leasing, Element Fleet, and more.

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