Have lithium-ion battery capabilities peaked?

December 9, 2022

The next generation of BMW electric vehicles promises up to 620 miles of range, 30 percent quicker charging, and a cheaper production process that cuts significantly down on carbon emissions—all with lithium-ion EV batteries like the rest of the automotive industry. “From an energy density point of view, I would say that we’re facing the optimum lithium-ion cell chemistry in an industrialized application” for large markets, said Simon Erhard, the head of energy, performance, and lifetime for BMW’s forthcoming Gen6 batteries. “I think it’s peaked.” Erhard believes the “next big thing” in battery development is likely solid-state batteries. He said BMW’s recently opened Cell Manufacturing Competence Centre in Munich is researching and developing this technology, as it works with top academic talent in Europe to build an almost mini-Silicon Valley-like network around battery development. Read original article here.

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