More companies support feds goal to adopt ZEV sales mandate

More companies are supporting the federal government’s goal to adopt a national zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales mandate this year, as they hope the mandate will guarantee enough supply and sales of EVs across Canada.

Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) is the latest company to announce its support, with its President and CEO Daniel Breton noting that “In states and provinces with ZEV mandates, consumers have access to and buy more EVs, while people in other states and provinces get the leftovers of the world’s EV supply.”

In a news release, the company also highlighted Quebec’s 2018-2020 ZEV mandate implementation report, which points to some OEMs stating that they are “prioritizing Quebec within the Canadian market due to the ZEV standard.”

EMC also referenced a March 2021 report from Dunsky Energy and Climate on ZEV availability, noting that “less than a quarter of dealerships nation-wide have three or more ZEVs in stock. Outside of Quebec, B.C. and Ontario, only 18 per cent of dealerships have any ZEVs available at all, and only 4 per cent have five or more.”

However, as other experts suggest, there are a number of other elements to consider before implementing a sales mandate—including more consumer education regarding EVs, and ensuring that Canadians have access to charging infrastructure—such as at-home charging options, and tackling the issue that garage orphans are faced-with. 

Based on its 2030 EV Action Plan, EMC does support increased rebates, EV education, and accelerated infrastructure deployment as necessities that will help ensure Canada can meet its climate and ZEV adoption targets—“but, as demonstrated below, without a stringent ZEV mandate, we will never be able to reach those targets,” it adds. 

Back in February, the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) said it submitted key information to two major government consultations on the future policy of zero-emission vehicles. 

The association’s Director of Public Affairs, Huw Williams, said federal, provincial, and municipal fleets should purchase more electric vehicles, and that the federal government “should avoid the danger of short-term, arbitrary deadlines to ensure its ultimate goal is reached,” according to a CADA Newsline article. 

“CADA is concerned that one of the biggest potential impediments to widespread EV deployment could be avoided if all publicly funded charging stations were made non-proprietary and EV-charging plugs were standardized so they could be recharged at any charging station,” said Williams. “We recommend that any mandate should take into account the unique rural challenge ZEV adoption faces.”

Williams also notes that “A ZEV sales mandate in a context where Canadians cannot charge their vehicle at home does not make any sense and will not work.”

There is currently no national ZEV sales mandate in place, although there have been consultations on the matter.

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