Zippity disrupts car service delivery with mobile garage

Zippity is the latest company to disrupt the U.S. auto retail industry by introducing a mobile mechanic’s garage in Boston.

The on-site car maintenance service is one of many examples of how startups are impacting the traditional car service delivery model by creating new ways of catering to consumer demands.

In this case, the company has decided to partner with Boston area employees to provide customers with a “radically convenient experience” that is both faster and hassle-free — and it arrives directly at the consumer’s place of business.

“Zippity is dedicated to providing world class service for our customers at the place that is most convenient for them: their workplace,” said Henry Ebosh, Zippity’s Head of Operations. “We are looking forward to bringing convenient and reliable car maintenance to the Boston community, especially around the holidays when families should be spending their free time together, not waiting for their car at the auto shop.”

The company was founded in early 2017 by Edward Warren, a former U.S. Air Force Missileer. Zippity has already helped thousands of customers across New Hampshire using customized service trailers, a smart key drop system and an online service management dashboard.

Additional services were introduced in November, and the company has expanded to include Massachusetts commuters among its customer base.

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