Market Scan is financial data supplier for Fastlane

Fastlane, a new e-commerce platform for car dealers, has chosen Market Scan to provide real-time payment and rebate information tracked from every car manufacturer, bank and credit union in the U.S.

“The payment transaction is clearly one of the most important aspects of the online car buying checkout process, and we wanted to partner with a highly trusted and reliable data supplier who would give our customers accurate lease and retail payment information,” said Dave Luce, Fastlane’s Vice President of Sales.

The Fastlane platform allows car buyers to purchase a vehicle directly from a dealer’s website. It handles nearly all the tasks associated with the purchase process, including year, make and model, specifications and price information on each vehicle, warranty and service contract options, aftermarket product options, trade-in evaluations and accurate retail and lease payment information.

“Market Scan gives car dealers and consumers real-time information needed for the sales transaction,” said Rusty West, Market Scan’s president and co-founder. “Our data is penny-certain and extremely comprehensive. We track every parameter, policy and factor that can impact an automotive transaction —and we do it for every vehicle sold in the United States.”

“The Market Scan team is pleased to partner with Fastlane,” said West. “This new company is clearly—and quickly—going to have a significant impact on the way car dealers bring their inventory to the online car-buying world and we’re proud that Fastlane considers us to be a valuable part of their growing success.”

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