‘Fly to Buy’ deals intrigue adventurous car shoppers

Adventurous deal-seekers may find that buying used cars far from their hometowns nets them big savings — and a summer road trip to boot, according to CarGurus. The car-shopping website says that prices on comparable used cars can vary so much from city to city it possible to fly to another city, buy a used car at a much lower price, drive it home, and still save substantially after travel costs.

CarGurus studied millions of car listings throughout the U.S., comparing local market prices on comparable vehicles to identify the most significant regional price differences. They also factored the average cost of both a plane ticket, and the gasoline needed for the ride home.

While shopping local makes sense for most car shoppers, the Fly to Buy option appeals to adventurous deal-seekers, said CarGurus data analyst Lisa Rosenberg.

“Even for less ambitious shoppers, this research highlights just how much variability can exist on used car prices in different markets,” she says.

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