DealerRater adds LotShot feature


Car dealer review website DealerRater has announced its integration with LotShot, an application that allows DealerRater certified dealerships to produce customer photos.

LotShot, which was previously available only on the web, is now an app feature for DealerRater. Once the app is opened, a dealer can snap a photo of their customer and send it via email.

DealerRater said almost 50 per cent of all LotShot review requests made by salespeople to their customers results in a review on DealerRater.

“LotShot is simply cool,” said Chuck Prosch, Fleet/Internet Manager at Strickland Chevrolet, a Pearland, Texas-based dealership, in a written release. “I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to see a picture of themselves with their new vehicle,” he added.

To use the LotShot app, a salesperson has to open LotShot on their smartphone, snap a photo of their customer or their new vehicle, enter their contact information and then send them the photo, along with instructions to fill out a DealerRater review.

“What we have found with LotShot is that customers not only get back to us about the experience they had with their salesperson,” said Prosch, “but they also share LotShot photos with family and friends, adding to the positive feeling they have about our team members.”

This feature is available for iOS devices, but dealers can ask to be notified when the Android version will be released.

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