The right tools, approach can help boost online shopper satisfaction

A new study from J.D. Power points to the importance of using the right website tools to help boost consumer satisfaction when shopping for a new vehicle.

The information was pulled from a news release, in which J.D. Power referenced its 2023 U.S. Manufacturer Website Evaluation Study—Winter. Based on its findings, certain tools can help OEMs boost shopper consideration for the brand by as much as 11 percentage points.

“In today’s shopping environment, manufacturer websites must have a robust set of tools for shoppers to use,” said Jon Sundberg, Director of Digital Solutions at J.D. Power. Some of the tools include a build and price, vehicle compare, 360-degree viewer, and payment/lease calculator.

However, Sundberg added that, “not only is it important to have the tools, they also need to be easily discoverable, well-designed and intuitive to use to significantly drive brand consideration.”

The semi-annual study measures the customer satisfaction of OEM websites during the new vehicle shopping process by considering four key measures: information/content, visual appeal, navigation, and speed.

Based on those categories, Land Rover ranks highest among premium OEM websites with a score of 749. BMW ranks second with 742 points, and Infiniti is in third place with 740 points.

Jeep ranks highest among mass market OEM websites, thanks to its 727-point score. And Dodge follows with 725 points, along with Nissan, both in a tie for second place. GMC tied with Mazda, both achieving 719 points.

To view all the full list, see below:

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