Drivers keeping vehicles longer, catching up on repairs: BCAA Survey

The current economy has had an effect on consumers when it comes to buying new cars, and a new BCAA survey shows that the high cost of living has BC drivers keeping their vehicles longer and investing more into maintenance and repairs.

According to the survey, conducted for BCAA by Leger, 70 per cent of BC drivers say the high cost of living and economic uncertainty has them keeping their current vehicle for much longer than they planned and investing in them, even when money is tight.

“We’re seeing people we haven’t seen in a long time, and they’re telling us that their days of skipping regular vehicle servicing are over. Economic uncertainty seems to be a wake-up call for many drivers to take care of their vehicles and keep them reliable,” said Keith Berry, Regional Manager for BCAA Auto Repair and Maintenance.

While 49 per cent admit to skipping recommended vehicle maintenance and repairs in the past due to costs, there’s a turnaround today with 83 per cent saying they can’t risk the cost of a break-down and going without their vehicle. Additionally, 93 per cent agree that while it’s costly to maintain a vehicle, it’s worthwhile to get the most out of it.

Drivers are taking action, with 78 per cent reporting that they’ve already had their vehicles serviced for the winter season or are expecting to do so very soon.

In addition to the high stakes of risking an unreliable vehicle, he points out that the cost of used cars has increased substantially, and supply chain issues means it often takes longer to get a new one. “If you rely on your vehicle and need to keep it on the road, preventing problems through regular maintenance is the best way to do that,” said Berry. “By servicing your vehicle properly, it’s possible to double the life of it.”

For those who don’t keep up with maintenance and repairs, BCAA’s Emergency Roadside Assistance team is reporting a recent increase in stalls. Stalling issues are often tied to poor maintenance and frequently lead to costly repairs and safety issues.

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