Everyone’s hitting the road this Labour Day: Cars.com survey

Avoiding airport headaches and a return to less painful pump prices are the reason most Americans are choosing to hop in the car instead of on a plane this upcoming long weekend, according to a new Labour Day Travel Survey conducted by car-shopping marketplace Cars.com.

With findings that will likely be mirrored by Canadians, the results indicated that Americans are hitting the road for their final summer vacation, with the 64 per cent of respondents who plan to travel for Labour Day weekend, 80 per cent will drive to their destination. But the high price of fuel is still a concern, with 25 per cent of those respondents not travelling at all citing high gas prices as the reason. This is still “significantly lower than the 42 per cent of respondents who cited high gas prices as their reason for staying home over Fourth of July weekend.”

“For many, driving is not only the most economical way to travel, but the most comfortable and convenient,” said Jenni Newman, Cars.com editor-in-chief. “While gas prices are still too high for some, we are seeing pain at the pump ease just in time for the holiday weekend. Travellers are also saving on gas by turning to electric and hybrid vehicles, with 36 per cent of road-trippers using alternative fuel cars this Labour Day.”

Cars.com’s survey also found the following trends impacting 2022 Labour Day travel: Firstly, carpooling to save on gas: Vacation carpooling continues to be a popular option, with 73 per cent of travellers planning to drive with others and 47 per cent attributing their carpool plans to a desire to save on fuel.

Secondly, is changing of plans: Some 52 per cent of travellers who typically prefer to fly are now going to drive due to high ticket prices and ongoing airline disruptions. Additionally, 30 per cent of respondents planning to drive say they’ve changed their destinations and are now travelling farther.

Thirdly, there are a growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the road. Among the 36 per cent of travellers planning to take a road trip over Labour Day weekend, ten per cent plan to take an EV and 26 per cent are planning to take a hybrid. This is up from the Fourth of July weekend, where three per cent took an EV and nine per cent drove a hybrid.

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