Digital vehicle subscription service Autonomy teams up with Equifax

Digital vehicle subscription service Autonomy partnered with Equifax to allow consumers to do a fully digital subscription transaction through their smartphone—in as little as 10 minutes.

Autonomy is able to do that by using Equifax’s InstaTouch ID, which is a mobile consumer identity and authentication solution, along with the company’s data and analytics. Autonomy launched in 2022 with a Tesla Model 3 vehicle subscription program in California.

“Consistent with our mission to deliver the cheapest, fastest and easiest way to get a Tesla Model 3, and to make access to electric vehicles easy and affordable, Equifax has enabled us to deliver on a 100 per cent mobile and digital experience for consumers in 10 minutes,” said Scott Painter, CEO and Founder of Autonomy.

The company said it will soon expand geographically with subscriptions to other in-demand electric vehicles. Consumers pay a monthly fee and start fee, which covers the costs associated with the vehicle subscription, routine maintenance, roadside assistance, and soon auto insurance.

Subscription services are growing in popularity within the automotive industry, as consumers see these options as affordable and flexible while also offering a fast, easy, and convenient experience.

“Leading subscription services today and tomorrow will define the new digital retailing in automotive, where consumers enjoy a fast, seamless and trusted transaction process in a mobile environment,” said Lena Bourgeois, General Manager of Automotive Services from Equifax.

The combination of InstaTouch ID with data from Equifax allows Autonomy to offer a quick digital consumer verification and credit standing, while also providing a seamless consumer experience.

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