Kia Canada invests $1.4M to fund projects that help build inclusive communities

Kia Canada partnered with the Community Foundations of Canada on Kia Communities in Motion—a program developed to support moving grassroots efforts forward to create a future where communities can thrive.

Specifically, the OEM wants to provide charities and the recipients of these efforts with the time, space and funding to find inspiration to move forward. To do this, Kia Canada is investing $1.4 million over four years through the program to fund projects in communities that will help build inclusive communities across the country.

“As Kia Canada moves forward with our new brand and ethos of ‘Movement that inspires’ we saw an opportunity to support organizations seeking a similar mission, be it figurative or literal forms of movement, we can’t wait to see the exciting work organizations are doing to move us all forward,” said Elias El-Achhab, Chief Operating Officer at Kia Canada.

Both Kia and CFC are working with community foundations to determine which projects will be selected in 2022.

“This program puts innovation at the heart of its approach and supports the work that is happening on the ground to build a future where everyone belongs,” said Andrea Dicks, President of the Community Foundations of Canada.

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