Genesis breaks ground on Ontario, Quebec centres

Genesis de Quebec.

Genesis Motors Canada broke ground on its Retail Experience Centres in Brampton, Ont., and Quebec City, Que., the company announced in October.

Genesis Brampton and Genesis de Quebec will open in 2022. Those centres, along with the ones already under construction in Canada, are meant to provide consumers with a full omni-channel experience, easily transitioning between online and in-person services.

“We strive to deliver exceptional experiences to consumers, which is why it’s important for us to ensure they have full control over how, when and where they experience our brand,” said Lawrence Hamilton, Executive Director of Genesis Motors Canada.

Genesis said the transactions will continue to be completed online, while its Genesis at Home suite of services and from at-home test drives to valet service remains available to consumers.

“We’re looking forward to opening Genesis Retail Experience Centres across Canada and providing customers with a new way to interact with our brand and products in their communities,” said Hamilton.

Genesis Brampton.

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