Mass-market EV adoption requires overcoming key design issues

A recent report by global information and insights provider Clarivate found that despite significant strides in innovation in the past two decades, the larger issues around electric vehicle charge time and battery capacity remain unsolved.

The company said critical design issues and overcoming them are key to unlocking the market potential for electric vehicles.

Clarivate said “there are barriers holding back greater adoption of electric vehicles and a recent survey highlighted consumer concerns regarding EV range and inadequate charging infrastructure.”

EV incentives over the past two decades were centred primarily on cost, reliability, and safety, they said. In comparison, there are low levels of inventive activity to reduce charge time and boost battery capacity. Overcoming these challenges is “critical” to making mass-market EV adoption a reality.

“Since the launch of the world’s first mass production hybrid electric vehicle ushered in a new era in the automotive industry, we’ve witnessed impressive technological advancement of electric vehicles,” said Gordon Samson, President of the IP Group at Clarivate. “However, its full market potential is yet to be realized.”

Samson said the company’s report shows that key design issues must be overcome to unlock the sector’s full potential. “We believe human ingenuity can change the world and EV innovation will accelerate societal progress in building a better and more sustainable future,” said Samson.

The company is also tracking new inventive ideas in the EV industry and how many of them are being protected as intellectual property assets from research and development (R&D) centres primarily in Japan, Mainland China, South Korea, Germany, and the United States.

They said the “growing popularity of EVs has a significant impact on litigation activity,” and that most of this litigation is taking place in Europe, Mainland China and Japan.

The full report can be found here.

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