Auto expert publishes dealer’s guide to surviving the digital age

Seasoned automotive retail expert Max Zanan has announced the upcoming release of his book Perfect Dealership, a car dealer’s guide to surviving the digital age.

When considering all the changes that the auto retail industry is experiencing, including the effects of digital disruption, dealers may wonder if the average car dealership will exist in 10 years.

Zanan says dealers need to adapt to these digital changes or risk fading away.

“Perfect Dealership serves as a wake-up call for the automobile industry,” says Zanan. “Unless car dealerships change — and change quickly — they risk falling into the same digital gulf that obliterated the corner video store and travel agencies…The old ways are dead. It’s time to adapt or fade away.”

Another book for dealers to consider, Like I See It, was recently published by vAuto founder Dale Pollak.

The story touches on aspects of technology disruption, along with consumer preferences for digital retailing and the inefficiencies related to vehicle production, among other things.

“Our industry is confronting a challenged and uncertain future,” says Pollak. ”[…] My hope is that Like I See It spurs recognition that a prosperous and viable future for the car business will only arrive if we collectively begin the transformative work to shape this future today.”

The message that dealers need to adapt to a digital world and a changing consumer is not new, but the urgency of the message is growing. The topic continues to be widely discussed in dealer events across Canada — including Kijiji’s recent 2017 DealerTalkX conference in Calgary and the upcoming TalkAUTO Canada event in Toronto.

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