No killer app for virtual reality so far

Virtual reality is a technology that holds big promise, according to a new report exploring the demographics of virtual reality (VR) owners and intenders in the US, Western Europe, China and India. Many OEMs are experimenting with the technology as a way to showcase vehicles to consumers. But while early adopters are predominantly gamers,“there is no ‘one’ killer use case or demographic that stands out above all others,” said the report’s author.

It means that OEMs who want to connect with car buyers must ensure that a range of use cases is available to meet the differing needs of region, age and gender, said Chris Schreiner, who is also director of syndicated research, UXIP at Strategy Analytics.

Using VR to try out other products before purchasing them drew the greatest level of interest in all regions. That was closely followed by immersive gaming, immersive media/entertainment, and virtually experiencing live events.

Slightly more males than females currently own VR headsets. Owners are more likely to be aged 25-34 in China and India, 25-44 in Western Europe and 35-44 in the US.

The report, Virtual Reality: Who are VR owners and VR Intenders?,  Is available from Strategy Analytics.

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