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Dealertrack launches powerful new cloud-based enhanced vehicle sales and desking tool designed for desktops, mobile and tablet devices

shutterstock_199867355Many car buyers say they dislike the experience of being dragged to a salesperson’s desk to complete their sale and then have to wade through the F&I process.

A new cloud-based tool being offered by Dealertrack helps liberate salespeople and F&I managers from their desks.

Canadian auto dealer caught up with Mark O’Brien, the Senior Director Dealer Solutions, with Dealertrack Technologies Canada, for more information about the new product offering.

O’Brien explained that the technology was developed by DealerCorp, an innovative Canadian software developer, but that Dealertrack has the exclusive right to sell and support it in Canada.

O’Brien says Dealertrack Desking powered by DealerCorp combines technology enhanced vehicle selling with F&I. The software works on Apple or Android devices, desktops, and even touchscreen devices.

“It’s really a presentation tool that would be used at a dealership which would walk a consumer through the entire process from the time they come into the dealership, to the F&I office, to when they drive away with the vehicle,” says O’Brien.

Instead of being tied to a desk, the dealership staff can take them through the various steps in the process with an easy-to-navigate and user-friendly system.

“It walks them through a very polished and professional set of screens where you integrate the information about the vehicle buyer, the vehicle they have decided to purchase and then provide all the alternatives to how they want to pay for that vehicle,” says O’Brien.

Dealertrack Desking also connects to all the F&I offerings, and provides customers with complete transparency in terms of what products they are accepting and which they are declining.

O’Brien says Dealercorp has created a program that is “extremely fast” and the algorithms are built to get everything in real-time. “It’s a very professional transparent and interactive experience for
a consumer when they are with a dealer,” says O’Brien.

O’Brien says it also frees dealership staff to respond to customer requests even when they are away from the dealership. “A dealer can be at a soccer game,” he says. “He or she could pull up a vehicle in inventory or build a vehicle not in inventory and show how much it would cost and the dealer could conceivably start desking a deal on the spot on a mobile device.”

The tool also provides dashboards and visibility for the dealership’s general manager or dealer principal that can also be accessed from anywhere.

Management can review metrics such as monthly sales broken down by salespeople; they can look at the deals in the sales funnel that haven’t yet closed, and other critical performance metrics.  “It’s a huge advantage,” says O’Brien. “That’s the beauty of a cloud-based system like this. It’s accessible anywhere at anytime.”

O’Brien says new technologies are about to transform the automotive retail experience — for the better. “These are exciting times,” says O’Brien.

“The automotive retail experience is regarded by many consumers as the worst retail experience that’s out there.”

Dealers who don’t start to change how they interact with customers are at risk of missing the boat. “The future is about transparency and trust,” he says.

O’Brien says when they showcased Dealertrack Desking to dealers at the recent NADA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, they were “wowed” by it, and many signed up on the spot. Pricing for the solution is based on a three-tier pricing model based on the volume of vehicles sold at a dealership.

For more information, visit: www.dealertrack.ca

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