StatsOnline helps dealers gain an instant overview


StatsOnline allows dealers to maintain a strategic  view of store operations.

StatsOnline allows dealers to maintain a strategic
view of store operations.

In celebrating 25 YEARS of its SERTI Dealer System (SDS) DMS for automotive and heavy truck dealers, SERTI Information Solutions has launched a new product: StatsOnline. This new program enables dealership staff to conduct business transactions with exact precision and in real time.

StatsOnline enables rapid access to critical data anytime, anywhere and via any browser on any platform, including Apple, Android and Windows-based devices.

Louis Laporte, vice-president and associate at SERTI, along with Nino Malka, national sales director, SDS, note that StatsOnline, was conceived for ease-of-use as well as providing managers with an essential overview of operations, from single stores to multiple dealership locations. Furthermore, the program provides managers with the ability to analyze and assess each dealership.

Louis Laporte

Louis Laporte

According to Laporte, StatsOnline is comparable to an electronic journal. “Via a web browser, the system displays the current status of the dealership through secured access,” he says. “The dashboard design enables multiple functional displays by customizing the desired information. It also allows users to manage information simultaneously,” Laporte explains.

The creators of StatsOnline say the system can combine data from several dealerships and their respective departments into the same chart, providing flexibility in terms of analyzing and processing information.

As a result, it also allows the ability to generate an unlimited number of data files that can better serve the needs of different staff members working in different departments within the dealership.

Nino Malka

Nino Malka

In short, changing technology drives innovation, says Nino Malka, an aspect reflected in SERTI and its continuously evolving approach when it comes to DMS solutions — the notion of providing superior customer service and satisfaction. This reflects in the company’s progress — today, SERTI serves more than 625 dealership clients.

SERTI Information Solutions operates four business units with over 140 employees. Of them, 60 per cent or 80, are dedicated to SDS. “This constitutes an impressive amount of varied skills and experience that support all services related to information technology,” says Malka.

The company provides its DMS software to both the automotive and heavy truck retailing industries, from sales and service to parts and accounting. “We have designed and developed SDS to enable a significant penetration in the dealer market,” explains Malka and he says the firm has now established itself as the top DMS provider in Quebec. “We have conceived a system that is designed to work effectively across all departments within the dealership, to better enable staff to serve their customers,” he says.

PrintOther business units within the company portfolio include SERTI Technologies, which provides IT-based solutions designed to improved efficiencies for businesses; SERTI Consultation which provides IT consulting and recruitment services and SERTI Dairy WMS, which provides industrial automation, engineering and consultation, as well as refrigerated warehouse management services to the dairy industry.

SERTI Information Solutions says it is proud both of its 38 years in business and also a quarter century of providing DMS solutions to the dealer market. Malka says that StatsOnline, represents yet another gem of innovation in IT circles.

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