Nissan LEAF shines at AJAC EcoRun

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Nissan Canada says its LEAF “solidified its leadership position in the electric vehicle segment” at the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) EcoRun event held earlier this month. The company says its 100 per cent electric car demonstrated significant running cost savings versus that of a typical fuel-efficient vehicle.

Over the course of three days, the zero-emission Nissan LEAF was driven 372 kilometres by seven AJAC members, starting in Brighton, Ont., and concluding in London, Ont.

Nissan says the LEAF achieved average energy economy of 7.2 kms/kwh. Adding to the driving economy figures was the Eco Indicator, which provides feedback on how economically the Nissan LEAF is being driven.

Driving factors include: acceleration application, braking, driving and traffic conditions, heating and air conditioning use, and vehicle idle time. The Eco Indicator revealed AJAC journalists achieved a substantial Eco Forest consisting of 22 virtual trees at the conclusion of the EcoRun.

“As pioneers in the field of electric vehicle technology, we were thrilled for the opportunity to participate in the AJAC EcoRun and drive further awareness about the tangible benefits of electric mobility, and how fun-to-drive and innovative the Nissan LEAF is,” said Allen Childs, president of Nissan Canada Inc.”The Nissan LEAF’s impressive performance throughout the event validates Nissan’s clear vision and the values of sustainable mobility that we offer to customers around the globe.”

Thanks to the conscious driving behaviour of the AJAC members behind the wheel of the Nissan LEAF, they achieved impressive range and energy usage statistics.

The Nissan LEAF’s AJAC EcoRun scorecard:

Distance: 372
Time (minutes): 486
Speed (km/hr): 46
Avg. Energy Economy (kms/kwh): 7.2
Energy Utilized (kwh): 52
Energy cost ($): $5
Equivalent Fuel Cost ($): $36
Running cost savings: $30
Number of eco trees grown

To read more about the Nissan LEAF’s AJAC EcoRun adventure, visit the Nissan LEAF Canada Facebook page:

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