Chevy Volt brings an influx of new buyers

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According to General Motors, the arrival of the Chevrolet Volt is drawing in new customers to retail stores, particularly in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Pacific Northwest regions.

“We’ve been here a long time and the Volt is bringing new people we haven’t seen before,” declared Alan Starling of Starling Chevrolet, in St. Cloud, Fla.

According to initial surveys conducted by GM almost one third of Volt buyers has never set foot inside a Chevrolet store before.

At present, GM is gearing up production of the 2012 Volt at its Hamtramck facility on the outskirts of Detroit as it plans to expand availability beyond the seven initial launch dates; to around some 2600 stores, versus 550 today.

And it’s not just the Volt that’s drawing in new buyers. According to data from and, the compact Cruze is the number one cross-shopped Chevy vehicle alongside the Volt; since April, around 200,000 visitors have been searching the web for information on both cars, while the Cruze has been the Number 1 selling compact car in the US for the last two months.

“As far as image goes, the Volt is huge because it’s also helping us to sell the Cruze,” declared Inder Dosanjh, a dealer in Dublin, California.


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