ThreatModeler launches models to pinpoint, mitigate potential cyber threats in auto sector

ThreatModeler, a company headquartered in New Jersey, launched an expansion of its marketplace and introduced 18 (cyber) threat models created specifically for the automotive industry. And although it is focused more on the vehicle itself, dealers may be curious to learn what these companies are up to.

The launch of the models is important when considering the rise in cyber security threats and attacks towards the auto sector in both the United States and Canada, and even globally. The models are designed to help shift how the industry approaches security in an interconnected world.

“Security has never been more critical for the automotive industry as a car’s software and connected devices become as important as — and a part of — its engine,” said Founder and CEO Archie Agarwal in a statement. He said the new models offer a secure foundation for OEMs and suppliers “to address potential vulnerabilities and mitigate risks to drivers, pedestrians and critical infrastructure.”

The company’s Threat Model Marketplace, which features the 18 new threat models, was designed to improve access and the development of pre-built and vetted cybersecurity assets. The new models should advance proactive cyber risk management, as they provide a framework for helping to pinpoint and mitigate potential cyber threats from across the spectrum: manufacturing and development, to deployment and beyond.

“This is yet another crucial step in our mission to democratize DevSecOps (development, security, and operations) across industries and disciplines,” said Agarwal.

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