Large infotainment screens a huge distraction, says Swedish study

Screens are all the rage in automotive interior design these days. From the vertically mounted, foot-long vertical tablets you see in Teslas and Ram trucks to the horizontal screens optioned by BMW and Chevrolet, it’s hard to avoid a touchscreen infotainment system. In some cases, even climate controls are no longer independent from the stereo and navigation, being baked into a series of menus. Manufacturers say these screens are not only an advanced piece of 21st-century technology but can be safer than the traditional button array that dominated car interiors for decades. A group of journalists in Sweden has put this claim to the test. The ViBilägare team used 12 different vehicles, ranging from a 2005 Volvo V70 (without any screen) to the newest BMW iX EV and even a Seat Leon. Read original article here.

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