EVs rule at crash tests, all that weight makes cars more safe

January 23, 2023

Electric cars are different in many ways and one of them is the way they crash. But are they better or worse than a conventional car? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the best-known evaluator of vehicle safety, recently tuned up the building where it crashes cars to make sure it can handle heavier ones up to 9,500 pounds. That’s far above the average new car weight of 4,100 pounds but just barely enough to test an electric Hummer pickup at 9,100 pounds. All that lard is a good thing if it’s surrounding you in a crash: Heavier cars tend to push lighter cars around, transferring less energy to the heavier car’s occupants. And EVs carry their extra bulk down low, giving them a low center of gravity that resists rollovers.  Read original article here.

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