ALL EV by Steele opens new full-service EV store in Moncton

September 2, 2022
Editor, Canadian auto dealer magazine

Jérémie Bernardin has a lot going on right now, but he’s not ready to share all of it just yet. As the Business Development Manager at All EV by Steele, he’s busy right getting everything ready for the new All EV store opening in Moncton on September 6th.

All EV by Steele has its flagship location in Halifax, and this expansion into New Brunswick is an exciting expansion for the company. Why is Moncton a big deal? “It’s a big deal for a couple reasons,” said Bernardin, in an interview with Canadian auto dealer. “One is, it’s our second shop. It’s our second location after Halifax that is a full service location. And it’s a big deal because there’s very few service centers in the country that can service all makes and models of electric vehicles.”

The new full-sized dealership is located just outside Moncton in Dieppe, at 711 Ferdinand Boulevard, and is the latest in a string of new All EV dealerships in the Maritimes. “We’re the largest electric vehicle dealer in the country for the Halifax store. We have a really interesting, nimble approach where we share our inventory and to ship any of our cars to any of our locations. We’re currently in four Atlantic provinces. If in the next two years we’re not in more regions, I would personally be disappointed.”

Since All EV was acquired by Steele Auto Group, Bernardin has been gratified by their interest and investment in the All EV ethos and brand. “It’s a testament that the Steele Auto Group is really backing this and taking our growth very seriously in our positioning. It’s tremendously exciting.”

Apart from the store opening, Bernardin is busy putting on educational workshops and open houses, where the public can come in, learn about EV motors, range and batteries.

“When we started this business, we understood that the landscape is so different for electric vehicle owners and potential owners. And we wanted to create an environment that was very catered to those people. So all EV is very different from regular car dealerships. It doesn’t feel the same. We have a couple of core pillars and, and the first one is education. We’re electric vehicle experts. We’re out there doing presentations to the general public. We have EV 101 sessions, we have test drive sessions, we’re very involved in the communities.”

There’s a lot more coming down the pipe for this ambitious brand, but we’ll all have to wait to find out when you can shop at the All EV opening near you, wherever you live in Canada.

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