Ontario new light vehicle sales pattern shifts in May

New data from DesRosiers Automotive Consultants (DAC) show Ontario new light vehicle sales continuing to increase in May by an estimated 40.0%—which is slightly ahead of the national average.

As Canada’s largest volume province, Ontario struggled in both the fall and winter to recover from the ripple effects of the pandemic on sales, relative to the number of sales garnered by other regions. DAC said the pattern it was following appears to have turned around.

“Regional recovery in new light vehicle sales has been uneven over the past year,” said Andrew King, Managing Partner of DAC. “Although Ontario appears to be finally making progress and has pulled up alongside the rest of the nation, the industry’s twin troubles of pandemic restrictions and vehicle shortages both persist, and the national SAAR concerningly fell to only 1.48 million for the month.”

The largest monthly sales increase for May (in percentage terms) was recorded in British Columbia—up 47.3%, while Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland followed closely with an increase of 47.0% and 44.0%, respectively. Quebec and P.E.I. managed the largest percentage sales increases for the year so far, with both up 64.4% year-to-date.

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