Google search terms that could benefit your business

With COVID-19 impacting vehicle purchasing decisions and interest across the country, dealers may need to reconsider which Google search terms will benefit their business the most.

Consumer interest in car deals is high, with search terms for “best car deals” and “best car deals now” on Google having climbed significantly, based on data from February 12 to May 6 and according to a PureCars blog post. “Best lease car deals” is also a popular one.

“Make sure that your dealership is getting in front of shoppers early and often in their research journey to educate them through the process to turn them into new customers,” said PureCars.

There are now more search terms for “buy a car” on Google then there were prior to the novel coronavirus. In fact, if you toggle “rising searches,” the top five are focused on terms related to “buying a car now” and “car deliver.”

Other popular terms include “how to buy a car”, “buy used cars”, “used cars” and “best car to buy used.”

On the service side, terms such as “auto repair near me” and “car shops near me” have garnered a lot of attention in the past 90 days, as have terms like” oil change near me.”

“Customers who previously delayed repairs are getting them taken care of now,” said PureCars. “April RO volume overall saw a sharp decline versus March, but has rebounded significantly in the last 10 days.”

Data from PureCars’ Industry Report reveals that, during the last week of April, there was a 27 per cent increase in RO volume, a 31 per cent increase in fixed ops revenue, and a 5 per cent increase in average dollars per RO.

“Every dealer should be investing in fixed ops advertising to capitalize on the heightened revenue opportunities,” said PureCars.

Credit: image from PureCars.

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