The importance of GenderGraphics in auto retail

GenderGraphics in auto retail, as described by Conant in a January 2018 article from CX Café, is the difference between the wants, needs and desires of each gender when buying or servicing a vehicle.

In his article, he questions whether dealers are providing “gender savvy” experiences to every customer, as women — and particularly millennial women, appear to be less satisfied than men with the experience they receive.

“In the future, the old multi-step process of developing rapport, presenting features/benefits, handling objections, etc. will need to be boosted to a higher-level skill set that include more subtleties and nuances in order to connect more with the customer’s feelings,” said Conant.

He believes the new sales process will also include a “healthy dose of GenderGraphic awareness, that will create for women a culture of care.” He also adds that women car customers “don’t want to be treated equal to men, they want the salesperson to show a level of ‘care’ not so highly valued by men.”

Dealers will need to focus on providing millennials and women with a memorable experience to help generate more business. They can do this by integrating GenderGraphics into their training plans to better educate the “front line” about the needs and communication styles of the new customer, according to Conant.

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