Fuel efficiency a moral issue: survey

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A recent survey conducted on behalf of tire makers has found that 88 per cent of motorists in Ontario believe fuel efficiency is a driver’s moral obligation. The survey also found that 70 per cent of respondents are unaware about fuel-saving low rolling resistance tires. The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada (TRAC) is holding Be Tire Smart Week between May 15-21 to educate drivers on ways to save fuel.

Be Tire Smart is a consumer-focused initiative of TRAC, to increase awareness of proper tire maintenance with consumers and also with regards to winter tires,” said Michal Majernik, Senior Manager, Corporate Communications and Marketing at TRAC.

Majernik said that low rolling resistance tires can improve fuel efficiency by a range of two to four per cent. Motorists who drive 25,000 km per year can save between $50—$100 annually by using these tires.

Low rolling resistance tires accomplish this through their design that incorporates special tread patterns, rubber compounds that minimize movement within the tire, materials that lower overall tire weight which improve aerodynamics and increase rigidity, explained Majernik.

To educate drivers on other fuel efficiency tips, TRAC has launched the betiresmart.ca website where they can access the ‘Get Fuel Fit Guide.’

The survey found that 77 per cent of motorists indicated they were likely to buy a set of low rolling resistance tires once they found out about the savings associated with these tires. In 2016, 69 per cent expressed interest in purchasing a set of these tires.

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