EVs are poised for big growth

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Electric vehicles now account for just one per cent of global vehicle sales, but that’s about to change quickly, say market research analysts at Commodity Inside.  According to the new report, A Ten Year Strategic Outlook for the Global Electric Vehicle Market, EVs are set to reconstitute the entire automotive industry.

With financial incentives and stiffening environmental regulations supporting EV sales in North America, Europe and Asia, the market has gained traction, and most major automakers have announced future EV models.

EV charging infrastructure is also expected to see big growth, driven by both residential and commercial markets.

“There will be reductions in the car curb weight going forward, despite installations of new hardware and features in the car, whereas Autonomous Driving Technologies will account for the largest share of the total new additional weight,”  writes Commodity Inside automotive analyst Sergej Gavrilov.

The report examines aspects including the battery electric vehicle market and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market by region and country, sales by major players,  trends and developments, and provides profiles of 10 leading EV companies.

More details on the report are available here.

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