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1-digital-experience-650When it comes to digital performance, dealers have plenty of room to improve, according to the Yahoo 2016 Canadian auto study.

Three in four of the 1,100 Canadians surveyed said they want a better experience at the dealership, with many of the suggested improvements related to digital. The top four improvements are visibility into prices, visibility of dealership inventory, increased inventory on the lot and improved websites.

The study also found an uptick in mobile usage during the shopping process, jumping from 29 per cent of those surveyed in 2015 to 42 per cent in 2016.

What’s more, one in three consumers surveyed are actively using their mobile devices at the dealership as part of the shopping process. Their top activities include comparing prices at other dealerships, looking at vehicles specs and scouting out other dealerships.

More shoppers are also searching manufacturer websites on smartphones and tablets, showing that they are migrating away from their desktops.

But digital experience isn’t everything.

This year’s study explored virtual reality and found 44 per cent of those surveyed would use that technology to test drive a vehicle, while only 10 per cent would replace the physical test drive with that technology.

While that’s only a small handful of people, Shannon Kelley, Senior Research Analyst for Yahoo Canada, who worked on the Yahoo study said the statistic is significant and is worth keeping an eye on.

“It’s a great time for auto sales and in order to effectively reach Canadians with your messaging it’s important to understand their mindset and also the path to purchase.”

To see more of the data, check out this infographic from Yahoo.


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