Nissan shares future design philosophy

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Nissan-IntelligentMobility-600Nissan is working towards zero emission vehicles and no fatalities on the road, and has announced its “Intelligent Mobility” vision to guide the carmaker’s future products.

During the Geneva International Motor Show, Nissan said its philosophy speaks to critical decisions about how the company powers its cars, how cars are driven and how cars integrate into society.

The carmaker is focusing on three areas of innovation, including increasing driver confidence through its autonomous vehicle technology, efficiency and power through its electric vehicles, and new links between vehicles and society.

For example, the company said it plans on connecting cars to social infrastructure such as road, information and electric power networks. This could eventually lead to reduced traffic jams, more efficient car sharing, remote vehicle operation and improved energy management, said Nissan.

“Our Intelligent Mobility vision is a framework to move customers around the world towards a safer and more sustainable future,” said Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan, in a written release.

“To realize this vision, Nissan has launched a long-term strategy, supported by significant R&D investments. These steps are allowing Nissan to deliver the benefits of EV and autonomous drive innovations to as many customers as possible and, ultimately, to lead the way toward a new era of mobility.”

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