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Leader Auto Resources (LAR) inc., North America’s largest car dealer buying group, celebrated its 35th anniversary in the fall.

The theme of the celebrations was “from one generation to the next”, a mindset referring to the many succession and consolidation challenges the franchised dealer world faces.

Celebrations were held in Toronto, Gatineau, Montreal and Moncton with dealer principals and general managers of the dealership members of the buying group. 

“[It was] a huge achievement worth celebrating” said member dealerships, who are also shareholders of this sizeable co-op. “No other program or offering across the continent can come close to the dynamics LAR has been able to modestly but very effectively organize,” they added.

In fact, the global approach instilled by this buying group has allowed them to create ties with the big guns of the industry: the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), Corporation des Concessionnaires d’Automobiles du Québec (CCAQ), the CarrXpert banner, service department planners and builders, paint manufacturers and other companies involved in a number of dealership services.

Being part of TECAR, a 13,000 dealership-strong international buying group, adds to the strength of this powerhouse.

LAR started as a simple but innovative company and is now the biggest franchised new vehicles dealer buying group in North America


“The business, through the help of its loyal and faithful dealer members, is now the biggest franchised new vehicles dealer buying group in North America,” said Robert B. Issenman, president of LAR.

“This rings true in terms of sales, profit, number of dealer members, geographic reach or even the scope and diversity of the products we offer. Today, the growth has reached new heights with over 1,600 dealerships being served through distribution centres in Montreal, Quebec, St. John’s, N.L. and Albany, N.Y. And we serve any dealership, no matter which brand they represent, what size their business is or where they are located.”   

Even though results have been outstanding, this seems to be only the tip of the iceberg.

“The most amazing aspect is there are still many areas we haven’t developed yet that are totally accessible,” added Issenman.

“Considering the scope of the transformations the automotive retailing business is going through, LAR’s adventure is set to last. The reason is pretty simple: we see and understand the need to change, to adapt and refine our business in sync with the changing reality of the dealership and we do so with our members’ full support. We make sure to do so while keeping in mind our founding values of integrity and quality we have been known for all along, set as they were by our founders 35 years ago.”

L& R In Numbers


After having celebrated in many other cities, LAR brought its 35th anniversary celebrations to Montreal on Nov. 17, inviting over 120 dealerships, as well as many industry insiders.

“LAR is now 35 years old! We are here tonight to take a break, make a small retrospective look at the past with pride, but also look at the future with a renewed energy,” said Issenman to his guests. “LAR started as a simple but innovative company and is now the biggest franchised new vehicles dealer buying group in North America.”


LAR has won the mandate, following a new partnership agreement with the CCAQ to promote and develop the CarrXpert banner outside of the province of Quebec.

LAR will expand the vehicle repair banner using the same strict guidelines, criteria and vision having made its success in Quebec. Maurice Roy, general director of CarrXpert, is expected to lead the project.

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