Manheim CCAB focuses on challenges and opportunities

October 10, 2012

Recently, Manheim Canada’s 2012 Annual Canadian Client Advisory Board (CCAB) hosted the nation’s top national customers and remarketers at a two-day discussion and learning event in picturesque Muskoka, Ont.

“Our goal was to provide a collaborative, interactive and value-added session for these attendees, reinforce our commitment to the Canadian marketplace and remind them that the needs of our customers, both buyers and sellers, are our most critical consideration in all we do.” remarked Jerry Tassone, Manheim’s market vice president of Northeast operations. “I was so glad to see so many of our customers asking questions, sharing their perspectives and really engaging in the discussion.”

On day two of the event, CCAB attendees were treated to a first-ever product fair where customers could test Manheim’s latest digital and in-lane product innovations, as well as a variety of informative presentations and several interactive breakout sessions. The company’s product managers were on hand to answer customer questions, listen to their ideas and use customer input to enhance the overall customer experience. The breakout session also showed customers how they can better use Manheim’s data as a strategic advantage to simplify their business, as well as increase their access to digital and in-lane channels and tools

“Giving them hands-on experience with our products and showing them the work underway to simplify their experience with us not only allows us to share some future business initiatives, but also affords a great opportunity to get their valuable thoughts and feedback, as some product solutions are still in development,” said Nick Peluso, Manheim’s senior vice president of customer management. Peluso, along with Manheim COO and executive vice president Janet Barnard, plus senior VP of product development Joe George and other key team members, underscored the value of input from these Canadian remarketers with one-on-one discussions to gain their perspective.

“Based on the great feedback we’ve received from attendees so far, it looks like our 4th annual CCAB will be a hard one to top,” declared Don Wallace, Manheim Canada’s director of national accounts. “But that’s okay, tackling challenges and raising the bar with our customers is what we love to do.”

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