Do you want your car to be your friend? The most futuristic tech at CES

Learn all about the most futuristic products being announced at CES 2023. Cars that double as your friend, personalized gaming controllers and electric roller skates are only some of the innovative creations on display. You can call the Aska an airplane with wheels or a car with wings, but technically the Aska is an electric vertical take-off and landing, or eVTOL, aircraft. If the Aska A5 is blurring the line between airplane and automobile, BMW’s concept i Vision Dee wants to blur the line between car and companion. The German automotive giant’s i Vision Dee imagines a future where your car is far more personable. E Ink panels allow you to program emotive, human-like faces into the car’s grille, and sophisticated AI technology is able to talk to you less like a servant and more like a buddy. Read original article here.

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