AutoVerify adds new credit profile analysis capability with AV Optimize

A digital dealer solutions company AutoVerify, which is a subsidiary of Mobials Inc., has recently launched a new platform called AV Optimize, to their line of dealership solutions.This product is intended to mitigate the current environment of inventory and staffing shortages, “maximizing both profits and efficiency for dealerships”.

“We’re extremely excited about AV Optimize,” said Marty Meadows, President at AutoVerify. “By helping dealers maximize the impact of their resources and generate more profits on each deal, this new product will make life easier, and more profitable, for dealerships across North America, while educating consumers on which vehicles they can afford to buy.”

AV Optimize, is designed to highlight opportunities for dealers to leverage their inventory to maximize profit on a per-customer basis. AV Optimize promises to allow dealers to analyze a customer’s unique credit profile alongside the highest possible lender advance, rate, and monthly payment allowed by lender guidelines, delivering a specific list of vehicles the customer will be qualified to buy ranked by profitability.

According to the company release, this entire process is automated, eliminating the most tedious elements of the finance manager’s job while helping move deals through the buying process more quickly.

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