EV Readiness Dashboard unveiled by CADA, with GVMA and GAC

Aimed at policymakers across the country, the Electric Vehicle Readiness Dashboard was created by Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association, and Global Automakers of Canada, to identify the consumer incentive and charging infrastructure shortfalls that need to be addressed if Canada is to achieve its zero-emission vehicle sales targets. According to a CADA press release, “the analysis finds that Canada is not providing consumers with adequate purchase incentives to make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and is nearly 1.7 million EV chargers short of what is required to power an increasingly electrified vehicle fleet.”

“In order to have a chance of meeting the very ambitious electrification goals announced by the Federal Government, potential customers must have the certainty that they will be able to afford an EV and that they can charge their cars where they live, work & play. This Readiness Dashboard will help them make those assessments and will help government officials understand where the gaps are,” said Tim Reuss, President & CEO of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association.

“Federal and provincial governments are not doing enough to put Canada on the path to achieving the 100% zero-emission vehicle sales target by 2035,” said Brian Kingston, President & CEO of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association. “We need a comprehensive, long-term plan to address the consumer incentive and charging gap to help all Canadians make the switch to electric.”

“Automakers are here to partner with the federal government to meet the aggressive 2026, 2030 and 2035 zero-emission vehicle targets,” said David Adams, President & CEO of the Global Automakers of Canada. “However, neither industry nor government controls the consumer. Consumers need to see a comprehensive, transparent plan from the government to build out adequate fueling infrastructure, along with adequate incentives.”

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