Aston Martin and the art of the modern rebrand

For the first time in nearly two decades, British luxury manufacturer Aston Martin is updating its iconic wing logo. The West Midlands-based company is undergoing what it calls an evolution, rebranding itself with a focus on motorsports and high performance. With a freshly jeweler-crafted set of wings, a short film, and a revamped F1 entrance, Aston Martin is ready to take the markets by storm, or something like that.  The brand revision strategy taken by Aston Martin is smart if a bit challenging. Refreshing a brand is one way to recharge what has otherwise been aging from the day it was released: The substance of logos, art, and market presence are all subject to the winds of time. Doing so, however, means foregoing the years of brand recognition associated with that logo. Of course, a middle ground exists where changes are fresh but not unrecognizable. Read original article here.

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