Widespread storm damage includes Hyundai Canada President’s property

A storm that ravaged Southern Ontario last Saturday afternoon caused all kinds of damage to properties, including the one owned by Hyundai Canada President Don Romano.

Romano and his wife were away at their cottage, and when they returned to their home in Whitchurch Stouffville, in the north end of Toronto, their property had all kinds of damage on the road leading up to their property and in the backyard.

“The entrance to our property was completely blocked,” he told Canadian auto dealer on Monday. “Quite a few trees had been knocked down, taking the electrical lines with them. Fortunately they missed the house. The rest of the property looked like a war zone, with countless trees uprooted. And my daughter is getting married in our backyard in 90 days.

“At least everyone is safe and we now live in the Residence Inn. They won’t have electricity up and running for at least another four days.”

According to Global News meteorologist David Phillips, “The storm that moved across Ontario and Quebec Saturday is known as a ‘derecho’, a powerful kind of windstorm that is long lasting and far-reaching.” The derecho storm that slashed across southern Ontario and Quebec before moving into Maine was responsible for at least eight deaths, including three in eastern Ontario.

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