Canada’s automotive associations launch Road to 2035 coalition

Automotive industry associations in Canada teamed-up to launch a new initiative meant to help consumers better understand what it will take for the country to achieve the zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) sales targets of the federal government.

The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association (CVMA) and Global Automakers of Canada (GAC) announced the initiative, known as the Road to 2035, on March 9. They anticipate that there will be more than 130 ZEV models in the Canadian market by 2023.

“The transition to 100 per cent ZEVs sales will be a massive societal transition that will require government leadership and programs as well as a shift in societal barriers,” said Tim Reuss, President and CEO of CADA. “It will require federal/provincial cooperation to avoid competing and potentially counterproductive approaches.”

The Road to 2035 outlines both the investments and policies needed for Canada to achieve 50 per cent ZEV sales by 2030, on the path to 100 per cent ZEV sales in 2035—which is what the federal government is targeting. It brings together stakeholders to help develop a “bold, comprehensive plan” for all levels of government.

This includes the need for more government action around enhancing consumer incentives, investing in charging infrastructure, building consumer education, and creating an electric vehicle battery supply chain.

“Auto manufacturers are investing billions to produce electric vehicles, including right here in Canada,” said CVMA President and CEO Brian Kingston. “Ambitious government action is required now to boost consumer incentives, build charging infrastructure, and help more Canadians make the switch to electric.”

However, the plan also hinges on the fact that consumers must also embrace the transition to electrification.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a generational energy transformation from fossil fuels to electrified transportation,” said David Adams, President and CEO of the GAC. “This transformation will rely not only on industry, but also on governments and especially Canadians making the choice to purchase zero emission vehicles.”

The national campaign will kick off this Spring and include several educational events—including a media forum called “The Road to 100% Zero-emission Vehicles by 2035,” which will be broadcasted live on March 10th at 9:30 am Eastern time.

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