Subaru unveils first BEV

As interest in electric vehicles increases among automakers, consumers, and governments, Subaru unveiled its new battery electric vehicle (BEV) known as Solterra, and plans to show it off on November 17 at the LA Auto Show.

This was the brand’s first BEV to launch globally. It uses the company’s e-Subaru Global Platform, which was jointly developed with Toyota Motor Corporation as a BEV-dedicated platform. The OEMs said it allows for a better driving experience with “superior driving dynamics” that brings more stability and handling.

The vehicle also adopts a driving system that drives the front and rear wheels with separate motors, with the company noting that the Solterra provides “an agile response of the electric motors and flexible driving force distribution between front and rear.”

The Solterra was jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru, which entered a new business and capital alliance in September 2019.

“They brought together technologies and bits of knowledge that are the expertise of each under the slogan ‘Let’s make ever-better cars together’ and the engineers of both companies developed it together while engaging in a friendly rivalry,” said the OEM in its news release.

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